Get the tides just in time.

The App

Zeeland Tide

The App provides tide table for several spots in Zeeland (Netherlands) and Belgium.
It computes High/Low water time as well as NAP water level and Moon phases for the selected location. It also provide an overview calendar of the neap/spring tides and useful contacts for marine activities (weather, rescue,...)
This full version includes 30 spots in Zeeland and Belgium.
The Apps works off-line (except map) and includes 3 languages: EN, FR, NL


bullet Android 3.0 or next

How to get it?

See the Android market


bullet Shows tide table (including local corrections) for 30 sites in Zeeland and Belgium
bullet Shows site location on map (link to map application when network available)
bullet Shows neap/spring tides calendar
bullet Emergency, Meteo and Help info

List of sites. Free version available including tide tables for 4 locations.

For technical details see our technical page.